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Dr. Thomas Strasser
Quick and Dirty. A Survival Kit for the Digital Jungle


profile_picThomas Strasser, born January 25th, 1979 in Vöcklabruck, Austria is an educational technologist, PH2-professor, author, speaker and EFL teacher. He is a former teacher of English, Italian and ICT and eLearning and school coordinator for “eLearning” at a Viennese secondary school. At University of Vienna, he earned a degree in English and Italian for secondary school teaching and a PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning Methodology. Thomas Strasser is an experienced trainer in the field of adults’ education/training. He teaches student teachers mainly in the field of E-Learning/Blended Learning and EFL-methodology at University Teacher Education Vienna, where is an EPICT mentor and responsible for the implementation of Mahara ePortfolio. He worked as an academic project-assistant for VOICE project (Vienna Oxford International Corpus of English) dealing with technical and linguistic issues (transcripts, digitalization of data, etc.). Thomas Strasser worked as an expert for media literacy at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna. He is a counselor for IOKI Online-Platform in Poland and coach and speaker at various national/international meetings/conferences in the field of TEL/TELL.  Thomas Strasser is a member of the scientific review committee of DICTAP (International Conference on Digital Information and its Applications), ECEL (European Conference on eLearning) and EPIC (ePortfolio conference), PLE (Personal Learning Environment Conference), ECSM (European Conference Social Media), etc. mainly reviewing papers about new learning technologies. Thomas Strasser is an eLearning consultant for various renowned educational institutions and publishers.

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For more information visit Dr. Thomas Strasser’s website Learning Reloaded.