Gifted Learners

On this page you can find different information as well as blog posts on how to approach gifted learners or rather include them in the regular lesson.

If you have any recommendations for articles, websites or tools that you consider helpful or valuable in regard to second or foreign language learning, please feel free to contact us.

Introductory Phases

This blog posts deals with introductory phases, what introductory phases/words/clauses are and why they care.

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If you are interested in learning more about the introductory phase, why they care or about common English errors and comma rules, click here or on the image to get to the blog post.

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Improve Your Writing Style

In this blog post on “How to Improve Your Writing Style with Grammatical Sentence Openers” you will learn more about how to improve the variety of your sentence structures by using different grammatical sentence structures than the subject-verb-object pattern.

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Besides starting your sentence with an adjective or adverb you might want to start with a prepositional phrase, an adverbial clause, participial verb forms or other verbs or nouns, a noun clause, or a nominative absolute. Therefore, the blog entrance does not only tell you how to start a sentence with one of the above mentioned grammatical sentence openers, but also provides an example for each of them.

If you are interested in increasing the variety of your sentence structures or want to help someone else to improve his or hers, then click here or on the image to get to the blog.