Education and Politics

On this page you will find various information as well as recommended readings and videos on political discussions about the educational system, with a special focus on the Western societies.

If you have any recommendations for articles, videos, books, talks or the like that you consider  informativ or highly relevant in regard to the current discussion, please feel free to contact us.

Richard David Precht’s “Anna, die Schule und der Liebe Gott”

In his book “AnAnna,_die_Schule_und_der_liebe_Gott_(Richard_David_Precht,_2013)na, die Schule und der liebe Gott. Der Verrat des Bildungssystems an unseren Kindern” Precht describes his radically different approach to education. Through informative and thought provoking, philosophical perspective on our current educational system, the book makes you start imagining alternatives for the next generation.

Click on the following link or on the image to read a book sample: Precht_Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott.

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 Richard David Precht at Markus Lanz

In this video clip the philosopher Richard David Precht talks about his book “Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott” (see above for a reading sample)  at the Markus Lanz show on ZDF. Click here or on the screenshot to get to the video clip.

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Changing Educational Paradigms

The RSA Animate deals with the question of why every country on earth is reforming public education at the moment and gives two different reasons – an economic reason and a culture reason, while, at the same time, providing information on the historical development of the western educational system that led to the various changes that happen today.

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If you want to learn more about the historical, the economic and the cultural reasons for our currently ever-changing educational system, click here or on the screenshot to get to the video.

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