On this page you can find information and ideas for approaching multilingualism and the differences between different dialects or British English and American English. Scroll down to find the link to the website of IDEA, International Dialects of English Archive, as well as an article and an interactive multiple-choice vocabulary quiz regarding British English vs. American English.

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IDEA – International Dialects of English Archives

Click on this link to finde the website of IDEA, the International Dialects of English Archive. The website provides an archive of various English-language dialects and accents of native speakers as well as of speakers of other languages from all around the world. As the largest archive of this kind, you can find about 1,500 samples from 120 countries and territories and more than 170 hours of recording.

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Go ahead and compare New Mexico and New Zealand or India and Indiana.

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Vocabulary Quiz – British English vs. American English

Do you know what a “crossroad” is in A.E.? or a “winker”? Click here or on the image to get to the quiz.

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Article on B.E vs. A.E.

This humorous article by D J Barton deals with confusing differences between B.E. and A.E. that potentially lead to embarrassing situations.

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If you didn’t know theses differences, are simply interested in the confusing differences between the two main “dialects” of English, or want to avoid embarrassing situations when you travel to the UK or US, click here or on the image to get to the article.

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